My name is Daniel Nielsen and I’m a born and bread Danish photographer based out of Copenhagen, Denmark… and yes that’s me on the left/above.

The story

I got my very first camera in the early 90s and that gave me many defining eureka-moments. After surviving the mandatory, confusing teenage years, I rediscovered the wonders of photography and especially how the digital aspect sped up the process of learning.

After taking thousands of random pictures with a compact camera, I acquired my first DSLR in 2006 and began focusing on defining and pursuing subject matter. Shortly thereafter I started taking photos at live concerts and got to cover hundreds of them, while I at the same time experimented with light streams, portraiture and several other types of photography.

Later on I have come to realize, that a concert coincidently is a wonderful, educational playground for understanding equipment and various techniques as well as representing photographing any real life situation. It helped me see the world within the viewfinder; a world defined and shaped by my imagination and framed by the viewfinder. It gradually grew bigger and more interesting, every time I shot pictures, and I slowly narrowed my field of interest down to the types, you can find on this website.

In recent years, I have started focusing more on all the variations and subtleties of location-based portrait photography, and how the location can help define the subject matter.

The philosophy behind it all

My camera is my dearest possession, and I bring it anywhere possible while pursuing the experiment and an original take on what’s in front of me.

Love for the subjects and objects around me as well as the urge to depict their esthetics, is what gives me my drive and defines my philosophy in general. The esthetic of the picture ignites the idea as well as being what leads me towards a final result.

I find eccentricity in individuals quite interesting and capturing it even more. I think all beings have interesting personality, and it is my job as a photographer to understand it and capture part of it – I wouldn’t consider the photo a success, unless it does.

This is evident in how I approach my subjects: I want to get beyond their own idea of how they look and capture the true “them” – to get to know them, get behind “their mask” and capture their true person – while being respectfully conscious of the responsibility in being invited into someone’s personal space and getting to immortalize that.

The right location can wrap a subject with a context and define the part of a person, that you cannot see by a simple glance – unless you have a preceding familiarity. Some photos need subtlety and others a little extra definition, why I sometimes use subtle persuasion in the elements to make the story more clear.

Over the years I have been so fortunate to bring my camera around the world and capture places, which has given me necessary perspective. When the place is widely known, I find, that I can go closer to the detail and only show a fragment of it, without changing the subject matter. Like Robert Cava once said, “if your pictures aren’t good, you’re not close enough”, which I have come to use as words of wisdom, often finding myself wanting to see, how close I can get to the subject or object – literally – without jeopardizing the result.

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